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Choosing Grade 12

Grade 12 - In Their Own Words

Definitely Prepared

Stanstead College is one of only a small number of schools in Quebec that offer a Grade 12 year. Ours is based on Ontario Grade 12 pre-university courses as well as Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Comparative Politics, Economics, English Literature and Composition, Français, Human Geography, Physics and Studio Art. All courses meet college entrance requirements. Stanstead College is an ACT and SAT test centre for selected test dates. Approximately 95 percent of our Grade 12 graduates attend university.

Grade 12 graduates come away prepared academically and mentally for life after high school. Athletics, clubs, a vibrant student life, interaction with students from around the world, a community of learning and support – that’s the Stanstead College experience.
  • Explore your options prior to university.
  • Prepare yourself academically.
  • Benefit from comprehensive university guidance.
  • Gain direct access to top universities in Canada and the United States.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Participate in elite, rigorous athletic programs.
  • Make lifelong friends.
  • Discover who you can be.

What you can expect

  • A respectful, focused , secure learning environment
  • Small class size: Grade 12 classes average 12 students
  • A diverse and challenging curriculum, including many Advanced Placement courses
  • University Guidance members who help students discover their post-secondary options, narrow those options down to clear post-secondary goals and guide them through the process of achieving those goals
  • 7-day-a-week boarding : A maturing experience that fosters self-reliance
  • Exclusive Grade 12 co-ed residence, Cowen House
  • Committed faculty and staff: Personal help and attention readily available
  • Information technology: The use of laptop computers on a wireless campus-wide network allowing for broad and effective integration of information technology  throughout the school
  • Comprehensive co-curricular activities, including athletics, the arts, a wide variety of clubs and the opportunity to be involved in community service
  • Leadership and travel opportunities
  • Lifelong friendships with fellow students from around the world
“Attending Stanstead College wasn’t something that was originally planned. It sort of popped up out of the blue. But it was a great experience and I am glad I went. It provided me another year to grow as an athlete but more importantly, the academics prepared me for university. Stanstead was a vital stepping stone for college life, as it mimicked what to expect. It was a great choice and I’d do it again.”
- Gracie Gilkyson, Class of 2022, Yale University

Welcome to Cowen House

A new angle on university prep, Stanstead College's exclusive Grade 12 residence, Cowen House, offers Stanstead College students a sense of what university dorm life is like. With separate wings for boys and girls, the co-ed residence provides structured, supervised living along with certain freedoms befitting their senior status. The house opened in the fall of 2019.

Take a tour of of our Grade 12 girls and boys rooms!

Why Advanced Placement?

Advanced Placement courses in Grade 12 offer academic enrichment, the development of study and test-taking skills, and, in many cases, first-year credits at college and university. AP allows students to choose enrichment in their stronger subjects and the development of study and test-taking skills. In addition, the external testing offered by the AP program is valuable in the university admission process because, unlike school marks, exam scores are comparable regardless of where the exam was administered. The AP curriculum truly completes our school program and complements the Stanstead mission. Stanstead College also offers the possibility of independent online courses.

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Grade 12 Courses